dental X-ray machine

  • Mobile dental tablet machine

    Mobile dental tablet machine

    Installation-free design, easy to use, small space occupation.
    Low radiation, the leakage dose is only 1% of the national regulations.
    Exposure parameter preset, touch key selection to quickly expose, save time and improve efficiency.
    It can be used for washing teeth and fast imaging.
    Pneumatic liftable seat, more convenient and comfortable.
    It can be used together with the digital intraoral X-ray imaging system to form an oral digital imaging system, replacing the dental tablet.

  • Digital intraoral X-ray imaging system

    Digital intraoral X-ray imaging system

    The paper adopts APSCMOS technology, which makes the image clearer and the exposure dose lower.
    The female USB is directly connected to the computer, no need to connect the control box, plug and play.
    The software operation workflow is simple and convenient, and images can be acquired quickly.
    The rounded corners and smooth edges are ergonomically designed to improve patient comfort.
    Female waterproof protection design, reaching the highest level of IP68. Safe to use.
    Wen ultra-long life design, exposure times > 100,000 times.

  • Portable dental tablet machine

    Portable dental tablet machine

    The device is a DC high-frequency portable oral X-ray machine, which is small in size, light in weight and low in dose.
    There are manual buttons on the surface of the equipment shell, which is easy to operate. All components are centrally installed on the central computer motherboard, and the structure of insulating vacuum and sealing protection makes the performance of the machine more excellent.
    The device is conducive to the diagnosis of the internal tissue structure and root depth of the teeth before oral treatment, and is indispensable for daily clinical diagnosis, especially in oral implantology.